Therapist Professional Will: An Ethical Consideration

Client Responsibilities from Beyond the Grave

The current emergencies & COVID pandemic has highlighted the fragility of the systems we take for granted every day, as well as our own mortality. What if we were to die unexpectedly? Where would that leave our clients? Consider what may need to happen after our unscheduled passing. Clients will need to be informed and appointments cancelled. Emergency referrals may need to be made for clients who require critical care. Client records will need to be removed from the office and archived lawfully. Final invoices will need to be sent, outstanding expenses paid, and the books closed. Banks, superannuation funds, accreditation, and other bodies will need to be notified. If you have business partners, the appropriate processes will need to be triggered to avoid business disruptions. Dying is hard work!

Developing a professional will is one way to address these concerns.


Webinar presented by Kris Rao

Wednesday, 1 September 2021
6:30pm-8:30pm (Sydney Time)